#3 Autosuggestion (Think and Grow Rich) | 13 Steps to Financial Freedom

Through repeated suggestion, the subconscious mind can be put to work for you.

It’s the faculty of being able to concentrate your mind

On your burning desire until your subconscious mind

Accepts it as fact and begins to Devise ways of bringing it about.

Here’s where hunches come from, Sudden flashes of thought,

Inspiration, or guidance.

To access the power of auto suggestion, Go into some quiet spot, perhaps in bed at night.

Close your eyes and repeat aloud

So you may hear your own words

A careful reaffirmation of whatever your goal happens to be.

If it’s the accumulation of a sum of money, Reiterate the time limit for its accumulation And a description of the service or merchandise You intend to give in return for it.

As you carry out these instructions,

See yourself already in possession of your goal. 

E.G. Lets say you want to make $100k

And by January 5 years from now

And you intend to earn that money from sales commissions

Your written statement should be like this:

“By 1st of January, I will have $100,000 in my possession which will come to me in various amounts from time to time during the interim. In return for this money I will give the most efficient service of which I am capable….”


“I believe I will have this money. My faith is so strong that I can see this money before my eyes. I can touch it with my hands. Its on its way to me, the very moment I begin my work in sales. I am awaiting a plan how to accumulate that money, and I am awaiting a plan for when it is received.”

Repeat this process morning and night until you actually see the money you want to make.

Place a written copy of this statement by your bed, on your phones back ground,  Kitchen mirror, bathroom mirror let it be everywhere and you can’t avoid it

Read it till its been memorized

As you carry this out, you are applying the principle of Autosuggestion!

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