#5 Imagination (Think and Grow Rich) | 13 Steps to Financial Freedom

Your imagination is literally the workshop

Where all plans come about

Created by you!

Your desires and impulses

Are given shape, form and action
In your imagination!

Man can create anything

He can imagine

Your only limitations

Lies in your inability to be imaginative

And picture what it is you truly want!

All of the great leaders, artists, businessmen throughout history

Created the power of Self-motivation

As you go about your daily work

Think constantly of ways you can make it better

Think of inevitable changes that are coming

And see if you can change them now!

Remember “the human race built most nobly, when limitations were greatest”

So imagination was at its peak, to build everything we see around us now

You must stop concerning yourself with limitations

But remember they may be your best friends

Since they require imagination, to overcome them

The soul without imagination
Is like an observatory without a telescope

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“I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You”
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