How to be Prepared in Life

How Prepared are you in Life?

What do you know?

What development of your talents and abilities have you made?

If we don’t see opportunity in our work, its in our vision instead

Were not looking deeply enough
Or perhaps creatively enough

And therefore fail to see opportunities that present themselves
Right in front of our eyes

Are you a sponge that soaks up knowledge from everywhere?

Have you got a diploma or college degree?

A majority of graduates assume the learning stops the second they leave school or college,
That’s simply not the case!

Some PHD students on their graduations of seven year studies say:
“Thank god its over, not another book for rest of my life!”

The idea of education had not been sold to students properly at all.
Education is a life long process.

And it should end when we do!

Problem solving and knowledge are essential,
When life comes knocking and we do not know how to handle them at all!

Great ideas and smarter thinking

Provides a security system so to speak for us

Now you cannot live a mistake free life,
If you’ve never made a mistake you’ve never lived
And living a safe life is a lot more dangerous in the long run,
And you’ll end up riddled with regret when you die,
Mistakes are a natural part of growth.
Also when you have an idea in your mind, is it concert with your goals
For example if you think going out partying and drinking is going to help you lose weight for a marathon
That’s not exactly a good idea is it
Or if you are trying to quit smoking which is your goal
But you hang out with stoners three nights a week
Not so prepared are you?
You want to get good grades
But you study 24 hours before the exam.
Preparation can be applied to all walks of life.
Your ideas a combination of many thoughts that are intended to provide a result
One idea can change everything e.g.
“I want to start a social network for everybody;”
“I want to digitalize currency”
“I want to move to America”
Arnold Schwarzenegger
These ideas are simple, but all that they go onto e.g. Bitcoin are such broad subjects!
Great ideas grow, and evolve
The greater our information, the more combinations we can put in to make something grow!
Young people should think twice before complaining about their studies
e.g. “I’ll never use this as an adult”
All information of a positive kind has value,
When were formulating ideas
Ideas become reality
Keep your mind sharp before, during and outside of school.
Because you’ll be so much more prepared
For all that life will throw at you

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