How to Build Your Self-Image

Imagine yourself sitting in a movie theatre,

And you are sitting there waiting for the film to begin,

Just staring at the blank screen….

How will the film you are about to see impact your life?

Will you feel moved?

Will you laugh?

Will you cry?

Will you feel scared?

Will you feel love?

All these feelings will travel through you and more….

Because the picture you will see is about the most fascinating person in the world:


In this special theatre which is in the mind and heart of each of us

You are the producer,



Actor or Actress

Hero and the villain!

You are even the audience that reacts to this special movie too!

The exciting story unfolding upon this inner screen,

Is one that’s invented every second of your life!

You are creating everything that is happening,

Will the story have a happy ending?

Is it full of happiness and success?

Or misery and drama?

Luckily since you are in complete control of everything:

You can change the story as it unfolds!

From now until the rest of your lifetime!

You can be the hero, and conquer the villain!

You can make this a heart-warming tale!

It’s all inside YOU!

It’s all depending on what you do,

And an image you carry inside of yourself!

Your self-image is the reflection of who you are,

It’s a product of every single experience in your lifetime,

You build up a picture of yourself, you believe is true.

Sometimes the picture you have is false!

You can remove the negative self-image,

And be the hero of your own movie!

The Coyote: A Motivational Novel is Available Here:


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Many years ago, a young coyote named Raki was a confident fearless animal, who lived in a mysterious desert. But as he grew up due to his father’s strict ways and conditioning, Raki changed into a cowardly miserable coyote!

Time passes, and now a shadow of his former courageous self, dangerous times have occurred as evil wolves take away Raki’s family!

So it is up to the now cowardly coyote along with his loyal lizard friend to venture across the treacherous desert, to save his kind, and discover his destiny along the way!

A motivational and heart-warming tale, portraying that who we really are deep down is incredibly powerful, and through great adversity you can accomplish almost anything!

This is a fictional story which also explores the Hawaiian Method of healing: Ho'oponopono

“I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You”
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