How to Conquer Stage Fright!

Anyone who is a performer has had to deal with:

Stage Fright

It’s one of the most terrifying things known to man!

It like all fears is something that has to be whipped,
If it actually can be whipped in the first place!

Every actor knows the cold tight claw that rings their neck
In the 30 seconds prior to the curtain going up on stage,
It’s a dreadful but very familiar feeling.

Even people who are about to make a speech,
Feel this awful fear too as the time comes for them to speak!

However there’s only one logical cure for stage fright:

And that is to do just perform!

The next performance won’t be as bad,
But it will always linger in the back of your mind!

Stage fright happens as Elvis put it:

“The little me on the inside, is strangling the big me on the outside!”

“The me that wants to and can sing, must come out!”

Then Elvis decided to move his trailer 100 yards away to help psyche himself up for a performance,
And he’d pump himself up with every single step he took towards the stage

By the time Elvis has reached the stage, he had gotten rid of the little me inside him, And the big me was in command!

Elvis was always greeted by huge applause, and there was a saying:

“Elvis has left the building”

As his performances left such an impact on everybody!

Only when he recognised the weak force within him,
And did something about it, he eradicated his fears!

This applies to every single type of performers:

Singers, Actors, Speakers, Presenters

Stage fright can actually apply to everybody in a different form too!

Something can overcome somebody with panic:

There most terrifying of human experiences!

Elvis’s formula can be used to tackle panic too!

And you can conquer your fears much better!

Each of us is a combination of two forces:

1. Our Strengths
2. Our Weaknesses

One must win!

And if our weaknesses ever win, its because we don’t know our own strengths!

Tigers are forced to sit on stools in the circus,
By a little man with a chair in his hand!

Think about that…

Focus on the big Me inside you,

To conquer your demons!

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