How To Create Miracles

Visualize for a moment a lemon

Seriously imagine you are holding a lemon in your hand

Close your eyes and really picture it

And as you do with your eyes closed,

See the lemon in your hand, as clearly as possible

Its got its two points, and its bright yellow,

Has a certain feel to it in the palm of your hand

Now hold it, squeeze it a little bit,

Now picture yourself in a kitchen, place the lemon down,

And put the lemon down on a board,

Take out a knife and cut that lemon in half,

Right down the middle,

Now pick up half that lemon,

And with your other hand in your mind,

Rub the moist and cut open part of the lemon

And really feel it in your imagination

Experience it

Now take the lemon close to your nose

And smell it

Smell its tartness, you know exactly how it smells

Then lower it from your nose to your mouth

Open wide, and take a bite out of the lemon


Whats happening in your mouth?

Can you feel the saliva coming into your mouth?

Wait a few seconds,

Do you feel it?

Is your mouth dry?

Ok open your eyes

What does saliva do when acid enters it?

All through thought, you brought something from another dimension

Into your consciousness

And you made yourself salivate

Just through thought

In order to protect your mouth

From the invasion of citric acid

That’s how powerful thought is

Did you know specialist health clinics

Are doing this exact thing with people suffering all types of illnesses

As well as normal treatments too

And they are getting 25% remission rates!

And 20 years ago they were getting 1%

The power of your mind can heal

If you want to change a habit

You must be the habit

You are now the treatment

You are no longer the poison

All the tricks we call miracles

We are all capable of,

With the power of thought

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