How to Get More Sales and Be More Successful!

A key aspect of being successful this day and age

Is being a people’s person.

What is a people’s person?

It’s a person that is liked by a lot of people, a popular figure

Like Gary Vee or Will Smith or Elon Musk

In business there are two main audiences that must like you:

1. Your customers
2. Your employees

People do matter! They make all the difference in the world!

And if they aren’t with you, you’ll go out of business!

People will happily share their hard earned cash with you,
But only if you give them good service!

If you make them feel important, they’ll not care what it costs!

People are like flowers:

They turn, grow and open their wallets

To people who radiate honesty, sincerity and give them a sense of worth

People can make you rich

Or they can keep you broke

It all depends on the way you serve them

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur

Make people your special concern above all else

You cannot lose money on a customer

If you treat people in a way they should be treated

One designer clothes shop owner for women did just that:

He allowed his customers to return garments if they were not happy with them.

Women caught on and bought expensive fur coats and wore them to special events

And they’d return them the next day

However the women that returned the fur coats ended buying other things every time they returned,

And bizarrely became great regular customers

He didn’t care about them borrowing a fur coat for the evening,

He was getting regular business on all his other garments!

This designer clothes owner became a multi millionaire,

You can probably guess who it is…

In fact this story has happened at many other stores and companies

The customer is king or queen

There is never an excuse for a customer to ever be mistreated,

Not giving recognition to customers is the worst crime any one can commit

Recognition is the #1 want in human needs

Change #2

Security #3

Great entrepreneurs give their customers all three needs

Every single day they are in business

Good service costs absolutely nothing

No customer should ever leave a business miserable!

Do not forget to thank them for their time!

Want to get ahead of 99% of your competition?

Focus on this, and your business will explode!

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