How to Solve Problems

The happiest people in the world are not people without problems,

But actually the people who know how to solve problems

Unsuccessful People who are stressed out or upset with their lives,

Often will moan “I’ve got a lot of problems,”

Successful people have the same identical problems,

But instead of complaining, they solve them

Therefore; The Problem, isn’t problems

People believe problems stand between them and their goals,

And they are so frustrated by it all!

They do not realize that problems are universal,

Everyone has them, and always will forever!

Its more about people, rather than problems.

And that’s what it always comes back to

There are several ways to solving a problem,

But two main ways:

1. The hectic panic method

This is the way people do things, without thinking,

And they rush and panic about, and it can be very stressful.

Its trial and error, but sometimes it works, sometimes its not.

This is not the ideal way to doing things properly!

2. Thinking things through properly

This is how successful people solve problems, and there are six steps to doing so:

1. Write your problem down
2. List the obstacles in solving it
3. List the assets in favour of solving the problem
4. List as many possible solutions as you can think of
5. Try to figure out the results of each solution
6. Choose the best solution and put it into action

This is the scientific way of problem solving

Without problems, there would be no progress!

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