How to Stop Being Insecure

A wise man once wrote;

“To be human, is to feel inferior,”

Did you know theres probably not one person on earth,

That never felt inferior?

We are all ignorant only about different things,

And we are all inferior in different ways too!

A happy confident person knows they have certain limits,

But realize it’s a normal part of being a human being!

Unfortunately negative people hate themselves and all their limitations,

Feeling they’ve been dealt a bad hand in life!

Well-adjusted people frankly admire others for their talents,

Without feeling envious,

In fact they never compare to them at all!

In some stages they get inspired!

Whether others are:




Better looking

More confident




It doesn’t matter to the well-adjusted person at all!

They know that every person is a combination of:

Strengths and weaknesses

If we have a big nose, or ears or whatever for example,

We still represent that what we have been given by life,

The most intelligent and best use of these things to appreciate what we do have

And what we have is considerable!

Experts say we have deep resevoirs of ability

Even genius!

That we habitually fail to make use of!

We fail to make use of our wonderful talents,

Because we focus too much on our inability to be 6feet tall,

Or solve maths without a calculator,

We must stop trying to be like other people,

And others not like us too

We forget that others feel inferior too!

Since there is nobody else just like you,

How can you be inferior?

We are each of us one of a kind!

Next time you are in a room full of people:

Remember that each one feels inferior

To some degree in many areas

Just like you and I do

Consider your strengths

Improve on them

Be yourself

And join the human race!

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“I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You”
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