The Habit of Doing to Reach your Goals

Forming the habit of doing:

Is the foundation of success

Failure doesn’t like it when we as people

Make most out of every waking hour of our lives,

And putting to good use our energy to productive things

If you are determined and keep a habit going forward;

You will wake up one day and realise you are one of the competent ones of your generation.

Think about that,

Habits of doing are so essential and lets use examples:

Somebody who wants to lose weight,

Has to make going to the gym a habit

If they do not, they don’t lose weight

They eat too much junk food, and they don’t actually take care of their health,

Studies show successful people take a good chunk of time focusing on working out,

It in fact gives them more focus and energy for their work,

Whether their top performing artists,
Or business men.

Lets talk about trying to write a book as another example,

When I tried to write “The Coyote” a motivational novel,

I had never written a novel or even 100 pages since I left school!

It was daunting, I didn’t know what to do, or how to start.
But that habit of doing,

That persistence of activity,

Daily and weekly and so on,

A page a day, a chapter a day

Just writing and writing and writing,

And a year later what was a note on a piece of paper,

Is now a 297 page novel that has changed my life,

And no doubt those who have read it.

Form the habit of doing,

If you want to save money,

Then spend less,

So it’s the opposite of doing, whereas you are undoing,

But it doesn’t mean never spend another penny for rest of your life!

It means take control of your finances,

Therefore: do look after your money!

Persistence and the habit of doing till something is complete,
Is a perfect marriage indeed.

Start whatever you wanted to DO today,

But keep doing it, and as I said before:

You will wake up one day and realize you are one of the competent ones of your generation.

The Coyote: A Motivational Novel is Available Here:


"If you liked The Alchemist, you will love The Coyote!" - LiveLifeMotivation

"A story similar to that of a Disney movie!" - MusicVita

Many years ago, a young coyote named Raki was a confident fearless animal, who lived in a mysterious desert. But as he grew up due to his father’s strict ways and conditioning, Raki changed into a cowardly miserable coyote!

Time passes, and now a shadow of his former courageous self, dangerous times have occurred as evil wolves take away Raki’s family!

So it is up to the now cowardly coyote along with his loyal lizard friend to venture across the treacherous desert, to save his kind, and discover his destiny along the way!

A motivational and heart-warming tale, portraying that who we really are deep down is incredibly powerful, and through great adversity you can accomplish almost anything!

This is a fictional story which also explores the Hawaiian Method of healing: Ho'oponopono

“I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You”
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