The Secret to Happiness

It takes courage to be happy

Any person can wallow in misery and sadness

Its so much easier to be upset with the world

And everything that’s gone wrong

But it truly takes courage to be happy

Not courage in a years time, weeks time,

Or on vacation,

Happiness as a constant way of living,

It takes courage of a very high order,

The world is full of people saying

“Its too good to last,”

“Its just my kind of luck”

Aka people who expect negativity

And bad luck

Just as they expect the sun to rise every morning

These people were given bleak

And very disappointing starts in life

People are meant for happiness

And happiness is in you

In the satisfaction of the daily needs

Of your existence

Happiness is also in the taste

And not in the things themselves

Were happy from possessing what we like

Not from possessing what others like

We should expect happiness

Which is happiness itself

And it takes courage to do this

All happiness depends on courage and work

When these two marry together

Happiness is the result

Contempt for happiness

Is usually contempt for happiness for others

The most avoided subject is happiness

Especially in the news

We must have the courage

And conquer it

Weve all seen people

Who’ve been seriously handicapped

One way or another

And they are sometimes the most cheerful and happy people

We’ve wondered how do they do that?

We say “I don’t think I could be happy if I had their affliction”

These people are happy because they are courageous

And because they don’t like the alternative

Whats your excuse?

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