Unicorns are more Popular than ever before!

Just a bit of background on me, I’m in my early 30’s and I have no idea about unicorns, rainbows of the sorts.

I decided to babysit my lil’ niece the other day, and she is no older than 5?

We played, sang, danced, usual things you’d do and then I expected her to obsess as you do about Frozen or similar.

But then she said to me “have you ever seen a unicorn?”

I was like “yes hunny, of course I have…”

She then got into a strong, folded her arms and started to sigh.

“Whats wrong?” I asked

“Well I went to the zoo with Mommy, and there were none there?”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her of course, but I just smiled and said “well that’s because they are being groomed…” it was the best I had.

I then went home telling my partner about the unicorn interaction, to which she replied “oh my god I love unicorns by the way…”

Ever since that day, everywhere I look, I see unicorns! Literally everywhere…

I went to the mall, and you see unicorn socks, unicorn pencil cases, unicorn hats, unicorn pjs…

I mean I always thought a unicorn was just a white pony with a horn on its head…like a strange horse and rhino combination.

Boy was I wrong, its got rain bow mains, and tails, and also flys over rainbows and just makes everything, quote: “sparkly and happy…”

Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock but are unicorns more popular than ever before?

I mean these socks:


I mean perhaps its because I’m a dude, but I sort of get it…

Its also really wonderful that grown women and adults love unicorns and then it hit me….

It reminds them of their childhood!

Its cliché for a woman over 30 to say she loves being a “princess…” but for her to say “I adore unicorns…” and to see the look on my girlfriends face, was no different to my nieces.

Unicorns are more popular than ever for one reason and one reason alone, they make everybody happy.

Now I even saw a unicorn dabbing!

You gotta love the sparkles and rainbows people!

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